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HR Advisory Services

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HR Advisory Solutions

For Startups

HR-O-BOT (Human Resource On Build Operate Transfer) As a startup, you have many things to do! Think of Go-to-market strategy, sell your idea, get investments, look for growth, etc. One of the worries you would have is to look for a team having similar vision and zeal. Then the challenges of having them on board, ensuring they stay with you and become an integral part of your Company, etc. The list is endless! We understand that in a startup, where the environment is highly dynamic, we want you “The Entrepreneur” to focus on your business and leave the rest to us. Our experts or Consultants, come on board to help you Build the HR Process and the team, Operate or Manage the process for you till you have an independent team to handle the process and then Transfer it to you to take it ahead. We want you to focus on innovation, take risks, grow and leave your HR worry on us.

Service Offerings
  • Design & Implementation of HR Processes.
  • Organization Culture setting.
  • HR Policy making.
  • HR forms formats & documentation.
  • Compensation structure design.
  • Employee engagement.
  • Learning & Development.
  • Compliance Management 
We serve you till you feel your own team is ready and can take things ahead.

For Small & Micro Enterprises

In recent years we have seen government focusing on growth of SME sectors, lot of schemes are being run and incentives are given especially to Small and Medium enterprises. *’SMEs not only play crucial role in providing large employment opportunities at comparatively lower capital cost than large industries but also help in industrialization of rural areas. SMEs are complementary to large industries as ancillary units and this sector contributes enormously to the socio-economic development of the country. The Sector consisting of 36 million units, as of today, provides employment to over 80 million persons.
SMEs need to adopt innovative approaches in their operations. SMEs that are innovative, inventive, international in their business outlook, have a strong technological base, competitive spirit and a willingness to restructure themselves can withstand the present challenges and come out successfully to contribute 22% to GDP.
However, SMEs face unique challenges that stem largely from their size. While the size permit larger organizations to employ a team of specialists to address the complexities involved in managing HR programs, this is not a viable option for many SMEs. The costs associated with hiring highly trained HR professionals on a full-time basis are likely to be prohibitive for many smaller organizations. As a result, HR activities often become the responsibility of line managers.
We help such organizations develop the HR function. We conduct a detailed study about their nature of business, inherent challenges associated with their industry, product line and give them solution that would be most suitable for them.
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Service Offerings
  • Design & Implementation of HR Processes.
  • HR Audit – Evaluation of existing policies & procedures.
  • HR Policy making & Process Reengineering.
  • Change Management programs.

For Medium Enterprises

As a medium enterprise, you have already registered growth in business and have evolved over the years. A recent study by CII shows that almost 20% of medium sized companies have no HR departments and out of the rest majority have HR more as a administrative function. For Medium enterprises to continue growing and ensure their long-term success in market, it is crucial for them to have HR practices. Medium enterprises can always learn from the big player and address their HR challenges to ensure success. AMS understands the requirements of such organizations and has following solutions to offer.
Service Offerings
  • Policy & Compensation Benchmarking
  • Satisfaction Surveys
  • HR Audit – Evaluation of existing policies & procedures
  • HR Policy making & Process Reengineering
  • Employee Development Programs assistance